Prospect Portal


Axxcess has developed a prospect portal technology that allows you to revolutionize your business development process. Prospects on-board their outside accounts from within your branded client portal. Create proposals, financial plans, risk analysis, and engage your prospects in a way other Advisors simply can't.



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Business Development

  • Prospect Portal Functionality

    Give your prospects an experience before becoming a client. Onboard your prospects outside accounts, bank, lending, and private assets within your own branded environment. No more statements!

  • Proposals, Plans and More!

    When your client registers, they will be able to link their accounts with your advisor dashboard. Once linked, you can send that data directly to the tools you use to analyze, plan, and propose you solution.

  • More conversion, more interaction.

    Separate yourself. A busy client is looking for ease of use. Whether a COI, referral, or respondent to your marketing and business development campaign, a prospect that can do interact with your site, elevates your practice. You will shorten your conversion process, and create significant efficiency in your business development strategy.

Axxcess has a development and creative team in house to design your Advisor site to give you more than a digital presence.


Blend tactical and strategic strategies for your client in a single brokerage account.


Report and bill at the Sleeve Manager level.


Axxcess customizes its tools for Advisor Partners.

Prospect Portal technology can be built into your current website, or we can start fresh and re-design your outdated site.

What sets you apart is not that you have a less costly ETF portfolio, or another 40 act mutual fund.

A competitive Advisory firm has these resources too. What differentiates you is the ability to competently manage, organize and allocate to private assets.

Using technology to create an integrated P and L for a 3c1 or 3c7 investor’s Directed Real Estate, Partnerships, Private Placements, Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Private Credit will help you deliver a valuable service where virtually none exists in our space.

Move your business upstream one client at a time.