AxxcessLINK Retirement

AXXCESS-LINK is a 401(k) platform that helps a business owner manage plan costs, and provide employees with true conflict free investments and advice.


AXXCESS-LINK is a retirement recordkeeping system that charges no asset based fees for record keeper services. Instead, participants pay one flat fee regardless of their account size in the plan.

AXXCESS-LINK is open architecture with no proprietary investments and a choice of underlying custodians such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Pershing. The platform is built on leading edge technology with superior user experience for both plan sponsor, and participant.

AXXCESS-LINK avoids the inequitable allocation of recordkeeping fees found in basis point pricing—where the record keeping fees grow as the plan assets grow and those with larger account balances pay more than their fair share.

With AXXCESS-LINK you finally have a scalable investment and recordkeeping platform, free from broker fees and commissions. Have us review your clients 408b(2) statement today!


Our platform provides investment operations and portfolio management solutions, custom reporting, billing, client portal, and  CRM integration.  Our clients include single and multi-family offices, traditional wealth advisory firms and money managers.

We excel in meeting the needs of anyone serving high net worth clients.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Axxcess specializes in the Design/Installation/Management of Corporate Retirement Plans:


Profit Sharing

Defined Benefit/Cash Balance

Non-Qualified plans for Executives

Fiduciary Services

A fiduciary stands in a special relationship of trust, confidence, and/or legal responsibility. All defined contribution plan sponsors have specific fiduciary responsibilities as defined by ERISA.

Investment Diligence and Outsourcing

Axxcess Wealth delivers fiduciary quality investment sourcing, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and performance reporting services – customized for each plan.

AxxcessLINK creates a corporate retirement platform that allows participants to invest their retirement assets the same way they do their non qualified assets.

Migrating a plan from a high cost, closed insurance platform to an open architecture custodian gives you a conflict free platform to deliver fiduciary advice.

Deliver UMA services to your self directed participants and ERISA accounts.

Move your business upstream one client at a time.