Advisor Directed Strategies

Define your own trading strategies through our Advisor Directed Sleeving capabilities.

Create and manage multi-asset class strategies, defined by you and implemented across groups of clients, or customized to a single household.

Your clients have customized needs and have hired you to help meet them. Advisor directed strategies allow you to set trading tolerances, rebalance with ease, and report comprehensively to your clients.

Create model of models, or more general risk or return based models for your clients
Trading and rebalancing
Billing and Reporting
Comprehensive business information for the Advisors practice
Our platform provides investment operations and portfolio management solutions, custom reporting, billing, client portal, and CRM integration. Our clients include single and multi-family offices, traditional wealth advisory firms and money managers. We excel in meeting the needs of anyone serving high net worth clients.


Axxcess helps Advisors implement Advisor Directed Equity Strategies leveraging the power of Morningstar CPMS. Investment professionals can design their own equity strategies by establishing minimum and maximum values for thousands of variables based on the latest stock data. Extensive stock-level information, such as daily price data, earnings estimates, and industry analytics, supports fundamental research.

Users can backtest their equity strategies by running scenarios of how they might perform under various economic and market conditions using our survivorship-bias-free historical data. Learn more


Advisors can create core and satellite ETF strategies to tailor exposures for clients. Trade accross multiple custodians and registrations. Implementing an ETF portfolio has never been simpler.


Fixed Income trading can be done via custodial or prime broker relationships. Our partners at some of the industries best bond desks give you credit, interest rate and coverage you need to direct your clients fixed income muni, corporate, or short term cash management needs. Let our back office help streamline your fixed income implementation. Our platform also gives you complete customization of your clients duration, risk, and income needs.


Private Equity, Private Credit, Directed Real Estate, and Hedge funds are a true differentiation for the Axxcess Platform. Our private asset platform allows you to build Advisor Directed Alternative Asset sleeves that help you mitigate risks, without losing the ability to track, report and bill on private placements.

Track capital commitments, capital drawn, allocations by manager, risk, strategy, and type.

Move your business upstream, one client at a time.

Customize your brand by using our report and client portal engines. Partially or fully delegate your trading and model management functions. Increase your efficiency by automating time consuming investment operations.

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