Kevin Manzo is a Financial Advisor with Axxcess Wealth Management. Kevin’s services are especially valuable to business owners, high-income and high-net-worth professionals and their families. After 15 successful years as a portfolio manager and advisor Kevin has the knowledge and experience to help clients protect what they’ve worked for, enjoy a comfortable retirement, and leave the legacy they choose for their heirs.Kevin Manzoyour Financial advisor
The Platform approach delivers access to the model portfolios of a wide variety of third party investment managers. The Axxcess Platform is a nationally recognized TAMP (Turn Key Asset Management Platform) used by indepedent RIA firms and Broker Dealers that turn to Axxcess to deliver investment operations, compliance, and trading solutions to support their independent businesses.THE AXXCESS PLATFORMPOWERED BYMore than 40 Asset Management firms trade their proprietary strategies directly with Axxcess. These subadvisor relationships deliver a unique , tax efficient portfolio solution to our clients that eliminate costly layers of fees, and delivers the portfolio strategies of some of the worlds preeminent asset managers.
Axxcess Platform services are designed to overcome traditional limitations imposed by firms seeking to distribute and sell their own products and services. Axxcess combines true alternatives like private equity, private credit, hedge funds and directed real estate alongside traditional SMA strategies. Client investments of all types can be reported comprehensively on the Axxcess Platform.THE AXXCESS PLATFORMour purpose
Axxcess allows clients and advisors to stress test the outcomes of real world scenarios, and the model the potential impact of investment and allocation decisions. Clients and advisors are better informed, and can make foundational decisions based on stress testing current and future risks.THE AXXCESS PLATFORMour edgeAXXCESS ALLOCATORAxxcess Platform allows clients to reduce the number of accounts required to implement an investment strategy. Third party managers can trade their strategies inside a single brokerage account. Advisors can customize allocations with ease.FEWER ACCOUNTSAxxcess partners with traditional Custodians like Schwab, Fidelity IWS, and Ameritrade as well as direct, and self directed options and our Private Asset Platform.OPEN ARCHITECTURECONSOLIDATED REPORTINGConnect bank, brokerage, mortgage, business and liability statements digitally in a single secure portal. Report accross your entire household.
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